Participate in Fountain Mountain Events Vol.4 “Flower to dress flower”【2017.0709】

MODERASeeK’s designer Yoko Tokito will participate in workshops at
Fountain Mountain Events Vol.4 “Flower to dress flower”

[Date and time]
July 9 (Sun)
from 11 o’clock to the last reception at 16 o’clock

Fountain Mountain

[Tuition Fee]
Make flowers … 1,500 yen (flower decoration / 1 point creation · tax included)
Kaoru Flower … 1,500 yen (Aroma sachet / 3 points created · tax included)

Those who need advance reservation:
· Apply at in-store counter
· Apply by phone (0955-25-9246 or 080-4118-4663)
· Application from Instagram (@ fountainmountain 1108) by DM

Both will be about 30 minutes workshop.
Because it is not a perfect reservation system, drop in with your favorite time
Please feel free to join the workshop.
On the day, there are also exhibitions and sales of the two artists.
For those who do not participate in the workshop, please visit the store as well.

(There are also cases where you wait due to the relationship of equipment,
so if you do not have time, advance reservation is recommended for time designation.)

For more details,
please visit the Fountain Mountain site.

MODERASeeK “WORKSHOP” held for the first time in Nagasaki ! 【5/20 (sat) & 21 (sun)】

MODERASeeK Designer Yoko Tokito herself as a lecturer in Tokyo

Flower workshop which was held occasionally is decided for 
the first time in Nagasaki!

~Starting from dyeing Flower hair ornament~
Favorite color, matching color, season color ..
Dyeing with a brush to create "petals" of white cotton
My only flower
A world spreading before the brush, a world connected after the color
Do you have flowers?

Schedule: 2017.5.20 (sat) and 2017.5.21 (sun)
Time: 14: 00 ~ 16: 30

Participation fee: 5,000 yen (Including material cost & training cost)

Contents: Flower rubber 2 to 3 points will be produced. Dyeing, design,
          It is a fulfilling workshop which becomes manual work as a whole throttle stroke.

Capacity: Limited to 10 people on both days

Lecturer: MODERASeeK Designer Yoko Tokito (Tokyo·Kumamoto)


For details, please visit the following web page. 
Reservation acknowledgment reception in progress!

I am really looking forward to a workshop that was very popular in Tokyo.
As there are limited seats, we recommend an earlier reservation.
Learning by doing! Let's have fun with comfortable music!