Participate in Fountain Mountain Events Vol.4 "Flower to dress flower"【2017.0709】

MODERASeeK’s designer Yoko Tokito will participate in workshops at Fountain Mountain Events Vol.4 “Flower to dress flower” [Date and time] […]

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Brillia Lounge (Tokyo · Yaesu) Concept Exhibition at The Gallery【from mid-May to August 】

Brillia Lounge (Tokyo · Yaesu) Concept exhibition at The Gallery. “Brillia Lounge” which was renewed in October 2016 last year, […]

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You have flowers in your life?

n the Taisho Period back in 1912 to 1926 Japan , launched the image of Taisho democracy which greatly changed the thought of the Japanese and individual way of life until then. The logo is an image of the Japanese flag, “Hinomaru” Everyday life happens even if you kill a fight if you hit it. People rushing with a dark face.

Daily question = Do you have flowers in your heart? It is the concept of MODERASeeK.