Participate in “Sanka-ten (Exhibition) 2017 Spring” by three female Artists. 【2017.3.18 (sat) – 20 (mon)】

“Sanka-ten(Three flower exhibitions)” by three female artists
~Smell rising The flowers blooming in bloom

Flower smelling, blooming flower, thinking flower
3 days to get drunk by flowers blooming with smell
Please drop in by all means.


“Sanka-ten(Three flower exhibitions) 2017 Spring” Details

Duration: 2017.3.18-20

Venue   : Kuchinotsu-cho koh 972, Minami Shimabara-shi,Nagasaki JAPAN

Organized by: Sumi-Ka

Cooperation: RaRa primopiano handmade SOAP, Kuchinotsu-ko Coffee Roaster(Ambient coffee), MODERASeeK


Official website :




The first time in Kumamoto’s “POP UP STORE” is held in Kumamoto City(2017.03.07-03.13)

The MODERASeeK first Kumamoto’s “POP UP STORE” is held
in Kumamoto Sannen-zaka’s TSUTAYA bookstore.

Please come and check out in at the one around here by all means!


“POP UP STORE” Schedule:  2017.03.07-03.13

Time :10:00-20:00 (the event space open time)

Place: Kumamoto Tsutaya bookstore Sannen-zaka 2F Event Space

Address: Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Chuo-ku 1-2, Anseimachi

Tel: 096-212-9111

RONG-Tai FACTORY Co,.ltd.   TEL 096-325-8327


Exhibit at the biggest fashion exhibition in Tokyo Japan ☆


We will exhibit at Fashion World Tokyo, Japan’s largest fashion exhibition to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 7th to 9th November!

Date: November 7th(mon) -9th(wed)
Time: 10: 00-18: 00
Place: Tokyo Big Sight
HP: http: //

MODERASeeK’s booth will be Designer’s Gate DG 2-9.
Please see the exhibitor introduction page for more details.


An invitation ticket is required for admission.
If you would like to invite, please click here.

We are happy to waiting for you ☆

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