Participate in “Sanka-ten (Exhibition) 2017 Spring” by three female Artists. 【2017.3.18 (sat) – 20 (mon)】

“Sanka-ten(Three flower exhibitions)” by three female artists
~Smell rising The flowers blooming in bloom

Flower smelling, blooming flower, thinking flower
3 days to get drunk by flowers blooming with smell
Please drop in by all means.


“Sanka-ten(Three flower exhibitions) 2017 Spring” Details

Duration: 2017.3.18-20

Venue   : Kuchinotsu-cho koh 972, Minami Shimabara-shi,Nagasaki JAPAN

Organized by: Sumi-Ka

Cooperation: RaRa primopiano handmade SOAP, Kuchinotsu-ko Coffee Roaster(Ambient coffee), MODERASeeK


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The first time in Kumamoto’s “POP UP STORE” is held in Kumamoto City(2017.03.07-03.13)

The MODERASeeK first Kumamoto’s “POP UP STORE” is held
in Kumamoto Sannen-zaka’s TSUTAYA bookstore.

Please come and check out in at the one around here by all means!


“POP UP STORE” Schedule:  2017.03.07-03.13

Time :10:00-20:00 (the event space open time)

Place: Kumamoto Tsutaya bookstore Sannen-zaka 2F Event Space

Address: Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Chuo-ku 1-2, Anseimachi

Tel: 096-212-9111

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