MODERASeeK “WORKSHOP” held for the first time in Nagasaki ! 【5/20 (sat) & 21 (sun)】

MODERASeeK Designer Yoko Tokito herself as a lecturer in Tokyo

Flower workshop which was held occasionally is decided for 
the first time in Nagasaki!

~Starting from dyeing Flower hair ornament~
Favorite color, matching color, season color ..
Dyeing with a brush to create "petals" of white cotton
My only flower
A world spreading before the brush, a world connected after the color
Do you have flowers?

Schedule: 2017.5.20 (sat) and 2017.5.21 (sun)
Time: 14: 00 ~ 16: 30

Participation fee: 5,000 yen (Including material cost & training cost)

Contents: Flower rubber 2 to 3 points will be produced. Dyeing, design,
          It is a fulfilling workshop which becomes manual work as a whole throttle stroke.

Capacity: Limited to 10 people on both days

Lecturer: MODERASeeK Designer Yoko Tokito (Tokyo·Kumamoto)


For details, please visit the following web page. 
Reservation acknowledgment reception in progress!

I am really looking forward to a workshop that was very popular in Tokyo.
As there are limited seats, we recommend an earlier reservation.
Learning by doing! Let's have fun with comfortable music!